Snippets: FreeBSD 9.2, OpenMP 4.0, Apache/OpenSSL, GNOME/Wayland and Fizz Buzz

FreeBSD: FreeBSD 9.2 is on schedule and with the release of 9.2 RC1 is ready for extensive testing. If all goes to plan then we should see a release at the end of August.

OpenMP: From last month but important, the OpenMP 4.0(PDF) specification has been released. The updated API for parallel programming on shared memory systems has support for hardware based accelerators, SIMD handling, new error handling, the ability to set thread affinity, parallel task groups and synchronisation, Fortran 2003 support and more.

Apache/OpenSSL: Want to have the latest OpenSSL with your Apache web server so you can have Forward Secrecy and Elliptic Curve crypto? SSL specialist Ivan Ristić offers a quick guide on how to compile and statically link in the most recent OpenSSL versions so you can.

GNOME/Wayland: Wayland is set to replace X on many Linux distributions, as soon, that is, as the desktop environments support it. At the recent Guadec conference, decisions were made on how GNOME was going to make the transition and Matthias Clasen summarises them – A tech preview of the GNOME shell as Wayland compositor in GNOME 3.10, two binaries, one for X and one for Wayland and migration of input methods put off till the version after 3.10.

Fizz Buzz at scale: Want to know how not to write enterprise code? Fizz Buzz Enterprise Edition shows you how by taking the less loved design habits of enterprise development and applying them, with a shovel, to the Fizz Buzz game.