DIY Secure Boot, ArkOS, Android and Ubertooth – Snippets


  • Secure Boot Yourself: Greg Kroah-Hartman has documented the task of making a Linux box boot using a self-signed Linux kernel with no external signing authority. It’s all about control and if you make your own keys, you can lock things down for yourself.
  • ArkOS for Pi: Want to self-host your services but also want to do it on minimal (hidable?) hardware? ArkOS may be for you. Currently in development, it’s CitizenWeb’s project to create a full, Linux based, stack for managing self-hosting. With core, browser based apps for system monitoring, alerts, application management, backup and recovery along with servers for Windows file sharing and the Web, task scheduling, user and file management and more, it looks like the start of something which might be rather useful.
  • Android defragging?: Ars Technica has an article of the defragging of Android which comes down to Google putting Play Services front and centre to deliver their closed code on the open Android platform. If “open” was your reason for liking Android, there’s going to be less to like in the future. From Google’s position, it’s a clever way to bring order to chaos.
  • Ubertooth sniffs: Ubertooth’s a BlueTooth sniffer which is open source and built to do the sniffing job. This handy guide shows how it can be used and where you can buy one, or you can build your own.