Git Rage, Fedora 20 and Android 4.4 named – Snippets


  • Visualising Code Rage: Chris Hunt’s Git Pissed is an application that tracks words in a git repository over time. It’s preloaded with defaults that track the offensive words from the Linux Kernel Swear Count but can also track happiness or any other thing you can express as a number of words. It’s a Ruby app and it makes graphs too. What more do you need?
  • Fedora 20’s Heisenbug: That bug that exists and then doesn’t exist when you observe it. Yes, following on from Fedora 19’s Schrödinger’s Cat, the Fedora folk have chosen Heisenbug as the name for Fedora 20 beating Eigenstate by 258 votes. The movement to name Fedora 20 “20” got 1 vote.
  • Android 4.4: And Google have announced, in a rather hypey way, that the codename for Android 4.4 is “KitKat” in a branding exercise with Nestlé, well known scourge of environmentalists. There will be Android related prizes in a KitKat give away in the UK too… which is more than developers get because they’ll have to wait until Google releases 4.4 on an as unyet specified date to figure out whats new in it. Still, enjoy the page and KitKat’s own mobile advertising inspired Let the speculation begin for Android 5.0 L…..