Linux from Scratch, Virtualbox and Go (quickly) – Snippets


  • Linux from Scratch updated: The latest version, 7.4, of Linux from Scratch(LFS) has been released. LFS is one of the more unusual distributions in that it is actually a book which takes the user step by step through creating a toolchain, building the kernel and creating their own Linux system by hand, from scratch and from source. LFS 7.4 has toolchain updates with 32 packages updated and changes to bootscripts and the text of the book. The book is available to download or online.
  • Go, quickly: Want to jumpstart your understanding of Go? Check out‘s handy and quick where x=Go page created by Sonia Keys which offers a rapid read of commented code which gets you quickly familiar with Go. The site itself is a great idea pulling together lots of code based singular examples, with explanatory comments, for many languages.