Linus vs SSDs, FirefoxOS Security, Eloquent JavaScript reboot – Snippets


  • Linus vs SSDs: It appears that Linus Torvalds is now working off his laptop to finish the Linux 3.12 merge after his desktop’s SSD drive died on him. Linus doesn’t have backups though as he’s moved to using “replaceable machines” instead. Oh, and apparently he’d upgraded the rest of the machine ten days ago.
  • FirefoxOS Security: Trend Micro took a look at FirefoxOS’s security model and have some examples of how it could be exploited, via direct attacks on the B2G process in the Gecko layer and what mitigates against that. An interesting short read which leads on to their look at HTML5 attack surfaces.
  • Eloquent JavaScript rebooted: The author of 2007’s freely available JavaScript textbook Eloquent JavaScript has started a crowd-funding campaign to fund a new edition of the book which will not only be modernised, but have new artwork, expanded sections on DOM, a chapter on node.js and more. He’s not using a Kickstarter or similar platform, but his own system which allows you to select which tasks you want your money or bitcoins spent on.