Go at 4, Go Docker on Pi, Go in GCC and Turing revised – Snippets

  • snippets034 Years of Go: Time flies when a language develops and Go is no exception as it celebrated its fourth year noting some of the projects built in Go (Docker, Packer, NSQ, JuJu and more) and Go users (CloudFlare, SoundCloud, ngrok, Poptip, Splice and obviously Google). The Docker folk have presented why they use Go, both the good and the bad, covering what doesn’t work well for them too.
  • Docker on Pi: Talking about Docker, the folks at Resin.io have been porting Docker to the Raspberry Pi and have now announced it is fully running. They give the details in a blog posting where they cover creating Arch Linux images for the Pi, creating swapfiles, updating the kernel on the host OS, installing dependencies like Go, building Docker, and creating docker images.
  • Go for GCC: The demise of GCJ as an actively developed part of GCC is alluded to in a posting on the GCC mailing list by Jeff Law. It’s expensive to build and hardly used now and Law is proposing that Java be replaced with Go as it offers the same test coverage but has a more active development community. Java, through the OpenJDK, is more self-sufficient now so would not be overtly affected by the change. The thread spawned from the posting sees a suggestion that Ada be used instead of Go because Go has build issues on a number of platforms that GCC builds for. No decisions have been made, but it will be interesting to see if this gets traction.
  • Turing complete: The Stanford Encylopedia of Philosophy had an entry for Alan Turing since 2002, but that has now been substantially revised to provide an excellent background to Turing’s work and the philosophical implications of that work.