Oh hai there FreeBSD 10.0

BSD Beastie

Following up from the last post, here’s the FreeBSD 10.0 announcement. Listed highlights of FreeBSD 10 are – Clang is now the default compiler and GCC is no longer installed by default, unbound is now the local caching DNS resolver and BIND is no longer a default, make’s replaced with bmake, ZFS has TRIM support for SSDs and LZ4 compression, guesting under Hyper-V is now supported and pkg is default package manager.

The Release Notes offer up much more detail on the changes and there’s an errata for the open issues that persisted into the release. The release notes pick out features like the ability, on AMD64, to now address up to 4TB of memory, while at the other end of the scale, Raspberry Pi support has been added (though no easy to use images – see the wiki). One thing that you may note from the release notes is the number of userland components previously based on GNU software which are being replaced by BSD licensed versions – ar, ranlib, bc, dc, patch, sort and cpio. Find had already been replaced but has been updated to be more GNU cpio like.

Full ISO images are available at the project’s FTP server, but please, be a good netizen and use a local mirror (and follow the ISO-IMAGES- link for your system). If you are looking for a server-oriented Unix to add to your skill set, FreeBSD is probably the most useful destination – If you are new to it, check the Installation Instructions too. For those who sensibly verify their downloads, MD5 and SHA256 sums are at the bottom of the announcement.